Apple 'Color Flood'

Director: Rupert Sanders

Q 1: Most of my prep time on this project was spent fine tuning the color of utilitarian cotton jumpsuits, True or False?

A 1: True
FACT: Rupert Sanders trusts me on color. I earned that trust for my work developing a unique custom ’28 color palette’ on Ghost In The Shell

Q 2: For this project we constructed a home made motion control system costing $1,200, True or False?

A 2: True
FACT: I got this idea and knew it was possible from working with Master Ron Fricke (Baraka, Kyaanisqatisi, Samsara)

Q 3: This spot was shot predominantly handheld on an Alexa MINI using Cooke Panchro Series 1&2 lenses - rehoused by TLS, True or False?

A 3: False
FACT: It was shot predominantly handheld on an Alexa SXT using Canon K35 lenses - rehoused by TLS. We needed 48FPS RAW/open gate so I used the SXT. The palette of the K35’s rendered the 1970’s Czech architecture in all its cool toned and brutalist glory.

Q 4: Many times I insisted on waiting for cloud cover to the mild frustration of the producer, True or False?

A 4: True
FACT: We wanted to save the high contrast/high key light for the yellow suits and for the crescendo. In general to tonal palette was improved by the cloud cover.