Gatorade 'Fixation'

Director: Rupert Sanders

Time was the most valuable resource on this project, primarily because of the limited availability of the athletes. To be efficient we used multiple cameras for the action sequences and pre-set cameras and track for upcoming scenarios. In combination with an extensive pre-light this approach enabled us to simply walk the athletes through a series of scenarios without wasting any time. I designed a 360 degree lighting plan for the stadium which enabled me to be ready to shoot in any direction within a couple of minutes. We had dimmers pre-set on all the lighting fixtures so we could switch frame rates immediately from anything between 24-120 FPS. Our main camera was the Alexa but we used the Cannon C300 on the ‘Swiffer Cam’ (Thank you Wally Phister ASC!) for those extreme low angle, fast moving shots. We also employed one of Optical Supports brilliantly designed rickshaws for fast moving handheld work, both following and pulling back with Kevin Durant.