Jordan 'Make The Game'

Director: Rupert Sanders

A challenging task; two days to capture complex, in camera projections. Dynamic athletes moving within a circular glass set, intricate choreographed sequences and interactive lighting. We were striving for a sharp, contemporary and saturated image.

Our process was to combine an interesting level of experimentation in pre-production with clinical and efficient execution in the pre-light and shoot phase. One of our major challenges was to find a way to back project onto the 360 degree glass set without loosing its translucency. Meanwhile we experimented extensively with the recent developments in LED technology to achieve the ‘light ball’ and the graphic LED lines of the basketball court rendered in physical three dimensional space.

By finding ways to do these effects in camera the film retains a unique charm and character. Imperfections have their own quality, actors and athletes could respond to and interact with ‘real’ light. As a result the work retains life and integrity. Like jazz musicians we remain open, responding to opportunities as they appear before us.