Nike 'I will run to you'

Director: Ringan Ledwidge

Part Road movie, Love story, Musical or Comedy; many genres were encompassed in this simple yet engaging idea. This could have led to complex visual departures but the essence of this story was its characters. The image we wanted to remain burned into the retina of the viewer was the faces of these two people. They would convey the emotion,the landscapes provided the backdrop. With the support of director Ringan Ledwidge I made some technical choices that would help enhance their characterization whilst bringing out subtle differences between their two environments. Meanwhile, to enable the edit to flow smoothly we chose to match certain frame sizes and compositions. We were also intentional about our choices of camera movement and screen direction. There was no strict doctrine, we responded to each location and each scene individually, maintaining an awareness that sometimes the most impactful option is to depart from the rules.

The Alexa Studio performed well and I was pleased with the addition of the mechanical shutter, which gave the motion blur a traditional photographic quality.