Gatorade 'Push'

Director: Gary Shore

Gatorade ‘push’ involved some very specific technical challenges as creatively visualised by director Gary Shore. Firstly the speed of the camera movement needed to be kept consistent despite some changes in the length of the camera move and the size of the athletes. Secondly, we needed to develop from a wide shot to an extreme close up in one shot. In addition this needed to be executed in various locations and studio environments with precision, accuracy and elegance. The initial concept was that you felt that you were travelling down a tunnel and through the body to transition into the next scene. Gary’s instinct was that some form of direct front light on the athletes that fell off into half-light in the background would enhance the dynamics of the camera movement. This created a further challenge as the light source needed to originate as closely as possible directly from the cameras nodal point, without creating a camera shadow when we got to the macro end of the move.

I achieved this by transitioning between two light sources; a Mole beam positioned directly above the axis of the camera and an LED ring light positioned on the camera itself. I decided to use the Milo Motion Control System and a 27mm lens to execute the move. By using the new Red Epic we were able to shoot 96 FPS at 4k and create enough resolution to allow a digital zoom at the end of the move to aid the transition into extreme macro. At the time we of shooting were the first major TV commercial to use the Red Epic and we were occasionally updating the software between set ups!